Hospital Furniture - Linen & Mayo's Trolley
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F-181 - Soled Linen Trolley
Technical Specefication

* Size : 500 x 500 x 900 mm

Frame work of CRC tube

Mounted on castors.

Superior quality canvas bag.

Pre-treated with Epoxy Powder Coated.

F-182 - Trolley for waste
Technical Specefication

* Size :590×480×900 mm

* Frame work of S.S tube.

* Mounted on 10 cms castors.

* Superior quality canvas bag.

F-183 - Trolley for Treatment
Technical Specefication

* Size :950×500×900 mm

The trolley is made of stainless steel.

The right side with three platform boards.

The left side with one refuse sack.

The trolley is equipped with four Castors two with brakes.

F-184 - Mayo's Instrument Trolley
Technical Specefication

* Size : 540 x 420 x 810 mm

Rectangular CRC tubes frame.

Mounted on Castors.

Height adjustable by side Knob.

Pre-treated with Epoxy powder coated.

Also available in Stainless Steel

F-195 - Overbed Table
Technical Specefication

* Size :795×400×700~960 mm

H-type frame.

Mounted on Castors.

Laminated Top.

Easy system for height adjustment.

F-186 - Mayo Trolley
Technical Specefication

* Size :600×400×850~1000 mm

Tubler frame work.

Mounted on two Castors.

S.S Tray.

Height adjustable by side Knob.